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Stepping in : Letting Go

Facebook: An addiction, or perhaps opportunity to connect for some, trepidation for others – a reminder of how isolated they may be.  As I “step in” having taken a hiatus from many forms of social networking since early July when I was blessed with an opportunity to shift my perspective from goal-centered over-achieving to mindfulness, a post my husband shared awoke me from my slumber, having hiked with me last week through the White Mountains and Acadia as well as  journeyed with me through the ‘awakening’ of these past few months…

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go” author unknown. 

Wayside Inn Bethlehem, NH 9.26.19.jpg

We were invited to a Phantoms ice hockey game last night and while watching the live camera grab snippets of the game were amazed at how many images landed on cell phones being gazed at. 

How much of the time are we present, how much of the time elsewhere – even with-in our own thoughts?

Awareness satisfies my need to learn – as an observer I notice stories being shared, a ‘telling’ of what others are going through with the overlay of judgement, less often are people connecting, embracing vulnerability and opening intimacy through new thought.

My dear friend and I sat on the deck, surrounded by tall trees as we reflected during our annual ritual Erev the Days of Awe.  This year we literally breathed: delighted, eased, and grounded - present in the moment.  She is recognizing the opportunity in stepping out and open her heart to intimacy; Me in turning-in, testing tepid waters gingerly as I step back in having been gifted with another chance – shedding stress to walk mindfully.

Magenta, Auburn and shimmering Golden hues illuminated by the sun in Bethlehem, NH an early prime fall foliage season – creative representations of transformation.   No obsession with ‘I was always green, what will the other trees think?’. 

How much of our time is weighing and measuring everything rather than being in the moment? 

What are we forfeiting when we are not tending to what is?

Prescription? Rekindling of the here and now. I have literally practiced yoga for over forty years and am astounded that only now I am being blessed with eyes opened to simply being. To think that my practices have been a competition with myself.  Can I stretch further? Hold a pose longer? – rather than accept where I was or allow for a different perspective.  Mind blowing!

Impact on the business?  An Autumn.  A shedding of the need to be green and letting go of opportunities that do not align with valuing positivity and growth. 

As you find your mind drifting, ask yourself - Does this enrich life, as compared to diminishing it?

We are not only our thoughts. We have the ability to acknowledge them, accept them, or recognize that they are simply that, thoughts.   Back in July I vented - ‘Tears steaming, what is my value-add now that my intellectual and physical competitive advantage has been prescribed to be quieted?’  I listened, and then… Let it go. 

Change is our greatest asset, acceptance and creating anew.  Challenge yourself and let go, to allow the creation of your best-self which is yet to come, and always evolving.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
— Jon Kabat-Zinn