Business Coaching

Executive and Leadership Business Coaching Services


Develop the skills needed to dramatically increase your effectiveness.

Transition your teams toward a culture of accountability through performance management coaching.

If you are the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and are looking to connect with a local business coach to keep your firm moving in the right direction we should talk.


  • Identify your values, strengths, and goals
  • Create a vision for your business trajectory
  • Develop/enhance core leadership competencies
    • Problem-solving/Decision-making
    • Interpersonal Skills/Communication
    • Team-building/Conflict management
  • Move past your blind spots (we all have them)
  • Create an efficient time management system
  • Establish work/life balance (including stress management)
  • Thrive in times of transition


  • Executive Coaching:
    • Focused on specific targets and skills
    • Conducted face-to-face or via the phone
    • Custom Designed Programs to choose from to drive your desired results
      • We tailor each of our coaching packages to fit the unique needs of your business, but these are our most popular:
        • Weekly – apx 1 hour
        • Monthly – 2/ month apx 1.5 hour
        • Quarterly – 2 hour


  • Trusted Advisor:
    • Open access for ongoing dialogue: Business and HR strategy & implementation
    • Mentor and advocate focused on culture change


  • Projects - Services available on a project basis may include M&A, Succession Planning, Strategy, Change Management, Conflict resolution, and other performance offerings.

Next Steps:

Take the Strategic HR Assessment followed by a complementary Synergy Consultation to access our mutual understanding and compatibility. The scope (including complexity and your ability to expend the time and resources) is dependent on our commitment to each other and the agreement that we will re-ssess along the way, strategize, and modify (all is based on your best interests, needs, and priorities).  

“In our experience, Lisa provides a professional, highly focused, and goal oriented resource for your executive team. She has excellent communication skills and an intrinsic ability to read people. We have found her coaching style to be direct, honest, and informative. She demonstrates an excellent balance between patience and persistence while maintaining a flexible approach to implementing essential business strategies. If you are looking for a business consultant that comes pre-packaged with a successful growth model and implementation experience, we suggest you talk to Lisa.”
— — Joshua Braskie, CEO | Simply IT