Employee Survey

A comprehensive, strategic view into your organizational health.


“I say good morning and ask opinions, but feel as though I don’t really hear the pulse of my company.” 
Does this sound all too familiar?

Our employee survey provides a complete and candid employment engagement portrait, including organizational insights. Align and equip your leaders with an annual survey for meaningful improvement. 


  • Improved employee well-being and engagement
  • Increased productivity and better service to internal and external customers
  • Better consumer satisfaction
  • Stronger bottom line

Why Ours is Different:

  • In-depth confidential interviews with employees (hear what they say to each other)
  • Analysis with conclusions and recommendations
  • Priority clarification and next step coaching session

Owner Visibility:

  • An open environment for employees to share unencumbered by concern for ramifications of voicing unpopular opinions and know they will be heard
  • Validate your perceptions or gain insights in the areas surrounding accountability, commitment to the company, communication, compensation, performance, job satisfaction and career aspirations
  • Impartial and independent conclusions and recommendations; owner report, and employee summary for distribution

What Employee Get:

  • Their voices heard and an opportunity toward co-creating a company and environment to support individual and team growth, profitability, and realizing the company vision
  • Ability to speak freely (interviews are completely confidential - what gets reported back to the entire company are ideas and trends)
  • Enhanced career opportunity and longevity which supports individual and team growth

Your time commitment:

  • Interviews: 20 minutes/employee; 40 minutes/owner
  • Owner Feedback: 1 hour

I have know Lisa for over 10 years. In both her personal and professional life, I have witnessed her approach challenges with integrity, positivity, and boundless creative energy. She does not offer a cookie cutter approach to workplace solutions, but individualizes plans for optimal growth and positive change. Always ready to extend herself, Lisa is capable of providing strong leadership and coaching skills; she is a person able to help you achieve the exceptional!
— Paula Tahler, MSW