What you can expect…

Your Partner


Lisa Spradlin, HRSP

Business Coach and Strategic HR Consultant

Owner, Empower2Achieve, LLC

Inspiring a culture of accountability through performance management coaching

Lisa Spradlin has been thought of as ‘A Business Owner’s Best Friend.’ She has earned the honor of being a trusted adviser by speaking the real truth to her clients with compassion and integrity which allows them to leverage her expertise in the art of business management. 

Her leadership development career of 30 plus years has made her an expert in providing business owners with a tailored approach that guides them in recognizing and executing on their highest business potential. She has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Forum for Ethics in the Workplace whose mission it is to provide opportunities for people to come together to study, reflect and act upon ethical issues in the workplace. 

 Her innate ability to align team talents with the needs and culture of their organizations stems from her deep sensitivity to the dynamics of human interaction. Before devoting herself full-time to Empower2Achieve, LLC, she served many Fortune 50 companies including CBS and ADP.

Imagine if you could leverage a partner who has…

  • Improved productivity and employee morale, by defining recruitment and retention strategy, positioning the company well in a highly competitive talent market

  • Advanced the Succession Plan initiative by designing an organizational structure which allowed the “go to” owner the freedom to work ‘on’ the business, resulting in hitting his retirement target

  • Enabled successful Merger by providing tools and education toward realizing a blended environment including: communication and policy protocols like: Employee Handbook audits, skills assessment & evaluations, role definition, reporting structures, and team building sessions

  • Drove employee productivity by developing, and facilitating job descriptions, performance appraisals, and trained managers on the benefits of, and how to conduct, on going performance reviews as compared to annual.

  • Increased revenue and market share through Employee Survey including strategic recommendations and action plan coaching

  • Instituted Client Service Program driving customer retention up by 12%

  • Improved management-labor relations yielding a 60% employee morale rating upward shift from ‘unsatisfactory’ overall rating to ‘satisfied’ through accountability based roles; structured wage compensation and bonus programs

  • Helped Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) businesses grow both in employee base as well as financially