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Training Library

Human Resources training includes…

Conciliate Cultural Conflict

Whether you are going through an M&A, or own a medical practice with an obvious division between ‘medical’ and ‘administrative’ perspectives, creating a unified team which embraces your mission, values, and vision will not only move you toward ‘business’ success, it will also shape a healthier environment where both you and your employees will want to come to work! If you are ready to transform your business/practice into a more vibrant, healthy organism, this organizational design workshop is for you.

Recruitment to Retirement: A Roadmap to HR

Unsure what HR process and procedures look like, or if you even need them? Are answers out of reach, or on the bottom of someone else’s pile? Tired of employees not doing their job? Carve out a couple of hours and walk away with an awareness of how to mitigate HR risks and support your company in becoming an ‘employer of choice.’ Topics include: onboarding, performance evaluations, and ‘hire through fire’ best practices. Tell us what you want to be covered so that we can custom design the training to meet your needs.

Turnover and Your Bottom Line?

The Employment market has shifted to a Job Seeker’s Market. How does turnover impact your bottom line? Research suggests that direct replacement costs can reach as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary, with total costs associated with turnover ranging from 90% to 200% of annual salary. How are you prepared to hold on to your key employees? What competitive advantage could you have if you had excellent talent, and were able to reinvest revenues into your business rather than wasting them on bad hiring practices. This workshop is designed to educate your managers and provide tools to retain and attract top talent.

Maintain a Competitive Business Advantage – Diversity Pulse Check

Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Affirmative Action awareness and action has been the buzz, with both acceptance and resistance. It has been estimated that in the turn of the millennium only 15% of entrants to the workforce were ‘white male.’ The obvious factors like workforce productivity, morale, and legal consequences challenge those embracing the concept of diversityThe landscape has changed, and in order to maintain a competitive business advantage, inclusion, cultural intelligence, and diversity of thought are considerations and actionable items toward sustenance and growth. Have you taken your cultural diversity assessment pulse? Would you know how to close the gaps? Census data tell us that by 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in our country. Have you considered your position in the market place as a result of your current diversity practices?  Do you know how to move toward a culture of inclusion and innovation? If not, schedule a Diversity Pulse Check with us today.

Creating a Safety Culture - Influences on Human Performance

What if you could reduce your injury and illness costs by 20- 40%? Learn what the factors are that influence decisions, and how to focus on the organizational ones such as peer pressure and leadership – and apply these to reap the benefits of lower injury and illness costs, as well as reduced MOD rates (which impact Worker’s Compensation Costs).

Skills Development Training includes…

Effective Communication

Do you want to be heard? An interactive experience designed to provide skills to understand how you are perceived and how to communicate to affect action.

Technician Tooled to Sell  - Service and repair technicians (like HVAC) often provide the first impressions with your customers, and their value in the sales process is often under-realized. They are perceived as experts, not sales reps. Industry wide they are responsible for a great portion (in some cases all) of your sales. Allow your company to become more successful by giving them the tools they need to promote brand awareness and close the deal.

Targeted Networking - Begin embracing your networking as though you are a sales professional by creating relationships to grow and sustain your business. We will look at targeting networking effectively, identifying and prioritizing, and then measuring the results accordingly. In addition to connecting you more efficiently, it lays the foundation for your new career success with a solid center of influence in place. 


Transitioning to Manager/Supervisor - Set your new managers up for success with either a 1-1 coaching session, or a 4-session series lunch and learn including: Your New Role (establishing credibility), Your Personal Development Plan, Coaching & Mentoring, and Building a Team. Let them walk away with the tools and actionable items they need to become a great leader, and to develop leadership in others.


CXO Conversations You’ve got the appointment, how are you opening the door to an effective partnership? Learn the art of crucial conversations that sell business results.

Opening the Door — Explore how to make that first conversation with a decision-maker memorable. Gain awareness of your listening skills, and use different questioning techniques toward being a trusted business advisor.

Engaging with Questions — Try this with your sales team: ‘Write down questions you would ask a prospect on a first meet?’  In 10 minutes how many questions would be on your page?  More important than having open-ended questions available in your arsenal is how to properly use them in all situations! Fine tune the process and get the results you need. 

Art of the Close, Fishing or Catching — What are your goals? Are you merely going through the motions or intent on closing every conversation, opportunity, or deal? This is a workshop designed to explore not only the components, but provide clarity on your current behaviors, and guide you to increase your close percentage.

Time Management

It's in your Hands Do you feel like you are always on the short side of the stick, or do you feel rejuvenated and fulfilled at the end of a day?  This is a workshop to understand your perceptions, desires, and includes an action plan to move forward.

Customer Service

Delight Your Customers How often do you receive a call from a client enthusiastically impressed with how amazing your employees were on the phone? How does your company, and each employee, define excellent customer service? Do they live up to and aspire to provide exceptional service, consistently? Stellar customer service skills are a powerful differentiator in every economy. Why not improve your position with this training today?

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