Performance Management

Improve Your Organization and Achieve Your Goals


Performance management is the systematic process by which a company involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of their mission and goals. This enables an organization to sustain a competitive advantage and exceed the expectations of ‘stakeholders’.  We provide the infrastructure and facilitate execution toward clearly defining expectations, which helps align employee behavior with the business needs and organizational culture, bringing a visible value add to the company. 

If you are the Lehigh Valley and are looking to ensure your business is moving forward in the right direction we should talk.

Overview of Performance Management Initiatives

  • Ongoing dialogue from a Human Capital Management perspective, toward alignment with Client’s goals, mission, values, vision and culture

  • Employee Survey: Analysis, Recommendations, and Implementation (Annual)

  • Performance Management

    • Accountability model – Job Descriptions, Evaluations, IDP

    • Strength based positional alignments

    • Manager Training – Individual Coaching

  • Compensation Strategy & Rewards

  • Recruiting, New Hire Orientation and Onboarding, Exit Interviews (Assessments, Negotiations, Offer letters)

  • Organizational Design Strategy – Execution Coaching

  • Policy Recommendations / Development: Including Employee Handbook and revisions

  • Communications: Leadership / Owner communications, Conflict Resolution, Policy and skills training

  • HR Trends and legislative Awareness and Information

Customized Packaged Solutions: Remote administration; Onsite visits; Monthly Retainer; Annual commitment expected.

Lisa is bright, articulate, highly motivated and one of the very nicest people I know. But she is no push-over. She is a straight-shooter who will give you honest answers and intelligent solutions to assist you and your organization grow successfully.
— Allan Lacki, Energy Consultant