Strategy Planning Sessions

Mountain Top Retreat


Guided Private Session - to set you up for success in realizing your vision

Looking back on last year, how many hours could have been a more successful usage of your time?

Gift yourself the time to work "ON" your business, and and watch the ripple effect rejuvenate & empower your team.

Lost time is never found again.
— Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac

The Strategic Planning Session is customized to address YOUR unique requirements.  In this session, your coach will facilitate as you lay the foundation to stay the course when times get tough, maintaining focus to prevent distractions that derail, and keep your team engaged and in alignment.

 You will walk away with: 

  • Insights to incorporate based on lessons from the past
  • Revised view of your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and & Threats
  • Goals and actionable takeaways identified
  • Follow-up quarterly coaching sessions to keep you on track
Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor
— Brian Tracy

A time to reflect and plan...

Sample Agenda:

 Looking Back: – We’ll revisit who you are and what you’ve learned.  We will evaluate, and identify your current 'Sweet Spot.' (May include: resource & organizational design assessment, your unique value-add, numbers, mission & vision, and identifying KPIs)

Road Map Moving Forward: - Here is where we focus on how to close the gap of where you are, to where you want to be. Customized to address your unique situation and challenges, we will define, prioritize and establish timelines for your initiatives.  We’ll create a new view of your executive summary. 

Commitments - We will develop new commitments to yourself, your employees, managing change, and the process. This will all be created within an annual and quarterly framework that you’ll revisit and adjust.

We recommend our retreat, but the choice is yours


Why Off Site?  A clear slate among the tree tops to allow your creative energies, and insights see through a clear pane – free of the filters of office surroundings and interruptions.  

Prefer your site? Let us know the best "off hour" dates, trip and accommodations costs additional.


    • Getting Ready Sheet* 
    • Comfortable clothes
    • An open mind

    * sent with your confirmation, fill in what you know - leave the rest for the retreat. 


    • $750 /Session (up-to 4 attendees) Half Day Session
      • Let us know or consult with us to decide which guests to invite:  Key Stakeholder, Leaders, Managers ...
    • Full day sessions, team building and motivational speaker
      • Pricing upon scope definition
    • Complementary with most Performance Management packages
      • Partner and Clients please call to confirm arrangement

    Weekdays: Morning or Afternoon
    Some Weekend Dates Available

    Retreat location: Macungie, PA18062