What our clients and partners have to say about us

In our experience, Lisa provides a professional, highly focused, and goal oriented resource for your executive team. She has excellent communication skills and an intrinsic ability to read people. We have found her coaching style to be direct, honest, and informative. She demonstrates an excellent balance between patience and persistence while maintaining a flexible approach to implementing essential business strategies. If you are looking for a business consultant that comes pre-packaged with a successful growth model and implementation experience, we suggest you talk to Lisa.
— Joshua Braskie, CEO | Simply IT

If motivating employees, inspiring ideas, and growing your company is important to you, then I recommend that you partner with Lisa and Empower2Achieve, LLC, toward that vision
— Kelly Clapper, President, Jaflo Trees

Empower2Achieve is always there anytime an HR issue comes up no matter how small or large. Lisa takes the time to meet and gain a full understanding of what our company needs and then delivers. Honesty, professionalism, and kindness are exemplified by Lisa and her service is exceptional.
— Kristofer M DePaolo, CPA | CEO of Werner & Co.

I have know Lisa for over 10 years. In both her personal and professional life, I have witnessed her approach challenges with integrity, positivity, and boundless creative energy. She does not offer a cookie cutter approach to workplace solutions, but individualizes plans for optimal growth and positive change. Always ready to extend herself, Lisa is capable of providing strong leadership and coaching skills; she is a person able to help you achieve the exceptional!
— Paula Tahler, MSW

Lisa is a tremendous resource, and helped our clients in areas such as organizational structure, coaching top managers and supervisors, screening/interviewing (the list is too long to put in a short paragraph). She teams extremely well with company leaders to help them focus on critical actions and performance measures (and time frames) needed to reach their business goals. I highly recommend Lisa and know that if you take the time to talk to her, you will gain an appreciation for what she might do for you.
— Anne Lawrence, A&B Leadership Group

Lisa is bright, articulate, highly motivated and one of the very nicest people I know. But she is no push-over. She is a straight-shooter who will give you honest answers and intelligent solutions to assist you and your organization grow successfully.
— Allan Lacki, Energy Consultant

Lisa is one of the most knowledgeable HR people I know. Call her and meet with her immediately. You won’t regret it, I promise.
— Clay Smith, cp4kids.org

Lisa has the knack for chopping out extraneous fluff and self-flattery and she gets to the only message relevant to the reader — “What’s in it for me?” Her way of driving home the most important point shows her business savvy and more than hints at her years of professional experience guiding business communications to achieve intended response.
— (Donald) "Zee" Zaroda