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Game Changers ….

Few of us are natural change agents who thrive and feel alive when creating, re-purposing, or opening Pandora’s box to release the negativity holding others back, toward realizing hope.   Most are resistant to change, living sometimes with fear based reactionary responses, or pauses.  As a child, Andrew who then and still does march to his own drummer, would tense walking into any room where the furniture had been moved, yet once again.  For me, I always and still do, seek a better way, breathing fully the fresh air moving the furniture metaphorically inspires.  More dramatically this was evidenced in interpersonal circumstances.  I can remember my brother repeatedly reminding my Dad of who he was, resistance to Dad’s inability to remember. In this and in other relationships my mantra is to accept and move on, being open to how the void of one manifests as a conduit to growth or a new path. 

The opportunities for creation rather than sinking into a trap of same old reactionary thinking has many applications.  My grandson had to write a rough draft for a History paper this past weekend.  What seemed like a ‘death sentence’ to his parents realized itself in a bonding opportunity for he and I.  Having the wisdom from walking this path with my son Andrew who is bright and simultaneously was challenged with comfortably fitting into a public one size fits all educational system years ago, and not having the daily routine frustrations with Aiden, this became a fabulous opportunity for us. My desire to understand him was great and I was excited to listen, he was not burdened with the end result hanging over him, but enjoying the process instead.

Crafting safe environments to push forward toward shifting relationship patterns for those fearful of the costs to their companies, other employees, immobilized by what ifs, is a gift I welcome and receive from above. Sometimes articulating a worst-case scenario, and then best is an appropriate place to start.  Some are so afraid to speak to the worst case they stop dead in their tracks.

Walking toward the mountain top step by step is the only way we get there.

Beginning with the end in mind and identifying the big chunks that prevent you from moving, dreaming, achieving, is a great place to start.  Have you considered trying our kid’s method and allowing someone else to lift the burden by helping to move you through the change? 

Are you ready to identify the dogmas that bind, the people that are toxic for you, the restraints that you invite in?

What is your perception of change?  Does it elicit a physical response? 

Have you considered that perhaps you don’t want to move forward, where you are IS your decision and your choice?  Have you owned it and shared it?

Or are you a seeker, willing to move past your limitations? 

What is the one thing you can focus on that, if solved or improved, would be a game changer for your business in the next 90 days?

Write it down, commit to it (including on paper and a calendar), and do it!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
— Anais Nin