Recruiting & Organizational Design

Alignment Services: Growth, Succession Planning, & Change Management 


How We Build Your Team

Customized (from menu below) to assist your business in identifying and defining the roles, selecting and proactively recruiting staff for growth or realignment with cultural and operational initiatives. 

  • Organizational Alignment
    • Strategy to understand resources required to support business growth and initiatives
    • Accountability based performance management tools such as job description and performance evaluations
    • Management training & coaching
  • Recruiting
    • Collaborates with hiring managers to determine staffing needs, maintaining relationships with both internal and external clients to ensure staffing goals are achieved
    • Creates and delivers job postings
    • Screens resumes, perform in-person and phone interviews with candidates, provide tools and best practices for interviewing – hire recommendations
    • Administers appropriate Candidate Assessments, interprets results in alignment with the position 
    • Performs reference and background checks
    • Communicates employer information and benefits during screening process
    • Stays current on the company’s organization structure, personnel policy, and federal and state laws regarding employment practices
    • Serves as liaison with area employment agencies, colleges, and industry associations
  • Compensation and Hire Negotiations
    • Provides rate ranges and compensation recommendations
    • Prepares offer letters and negotiation strategies
    • Develops Onboarding processes
  • Succession Planning: The Next Generation of Leadership
    • You cannot start too early - Whether you have initiated your exit strategy time line or not, it is never too early to train and groom the next generation of leadership. 
    • THE JOURNEY: Your Strategic Plan will be a unique reflection of your organization.
    • Don’t take any one “step” or destination too literally – Be open to change and manage that change

Like starting a business, this phase should be embraced with the same enthusiasm, passion, and excitement.  Enjoy!

“Lisa is a tremendous resource, and helped our clients in areas such as organizational structure, coaching top managers and supervisors, screening/interviewing (the list is too long to put in a short paragraph). She teams extremely well with company leaders to help them focus on critical actions and performance measures (and time frames) needed to reach their business goals. I highly recommend Lisa and know that if you take the time to talk to her, you will gain an appreciation for what she might do for you.”
— Anne Lawrence, A&B Leadership Group